Bingo Roulette (tombola)

As tombola is an independent bingo site that makes its own games, this was always an advantage over other bingo sites. This has meant that it diverged from standard 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games. Here we look at their game Bingo Roulette which launched in 2009 and has been a hit ever since. This is a 37-ball game in which you use a roulette wheel to call numbers and a roulette table to create your bingo card. Are you ready to spin the Bingo Roulette wheel and win? Let’s learn how to play first.

Where to play Bingo Roulette?


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How to play

Despite being over twelve years old, tombola’s Bingo Roulette still appears to be an appealing game. When you initially load the game, you will be given the option of entering one of four distinct rooms. All of which are named after Las Vegas hotels. After you’ve chosen a room, you’ll be prompted to buy tickets. Each participant may choose a maximum of four tickets per game. Each ticket is represented by a different coloured chip, which might be blue, green, purple, or red. When you choose a colour, the roulette table’s 8 numbers will be covered with the corresponding chips. These are your bingo tickets! If you are dissatisfied with the numbers that were picked at random for you, you can click ‘shuffle’ to acquire a new set of numbers. The roulette wheel will begin to spin at eyes down, and a number will be called after each spin. The goal of the game, like with other bingo games, is to cover all eight numbers before your fellow roommates and therefore win the full house.

Prizes available

Bingo Roulette is a variation of traditional bingo that is played in a casino setting. In this fun game, join the Pirates and set sail. Bingo Roulette has a two-tier jackpot that allows all players to win fixed cash rewards. To win, you must call all eight numbers on your ticket within either 10 or 12 calls. A complete house in 10 calls earns you an amazing 10,000 times your stake, while a full house in 12 calls earns you 1,000 times your stake.

Where is it available?

As previously stated, this game is only available through tombola. If you are accessing tombola on a desktop, scroll down to the casino area at the bottom left of the site. Simply slide the games at the top of the screen from left to right until you find Bingo Roulette among the selections.

Bingo Roulette Game summary

Tombola’s Bingo Roulette is a rather slow-paced game. The calls aren’t hurried, and it’s a more pleasurable experience than the current trend of faster games. We enjoy the visuals, which are rather outstanding for a game that is older than many bingo brands. There is a chat feature where you may interact with other players, albeit it is largely dominated by “to go” alerts. The main disadvantage to Bingo Roulette is that because tombola is so popular, winning a game is quite difficult when competing with many other players.