80 Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo is currently one of the most popular bingo varieties, alongside the more traditional 90-ball and 75-ball games. In land-based bingo rooms, it was initially known as ‘shutter board’ bingo. This was since most clubs forced you to close a window over the number as it was called. Due to the evident absence of ‘shutters’, while playing on the internet, it is now simply referred to as 80-ball bingo. The gameplay style is similar to 75-ball bingo. This is in that you’ll be assigned a certain pattern to complete at the start of each game. The patterns will change and differ from game to game, and bingo software will have its own version of them as well. Some bingo sites will ask you to draw horizontal or vertical lines. Others may ask you to draw a cross pattern or mark out all four corners of the card.

How to play 80 ball bingo

Playing 80-ball bingo is similar to playing most other bingo games in that you simply cover the numbers on your card when they are called. The biggest distinction between 80-ball bingo and other types of bingo is that the patterns might differ from one site to the next. Overall, the game is quite similar to 75-ball bingo in design. The main goal of the game is generally to complete the precise pattern mentioned at the beginning of each game.

80 ball bingo tickets layout

80-ball bingo cards have a 44-grid pattern with a total of 16 numbers. Each of the four columns is shown in a different colour. And the numbers themselves are separated into four groups of 20 numbers in each of those four colours.
  • Numbers 1-20 – red
  • For numbers 21-40 – yellow
  • Numbers 41-59 – blue
  • In numbers 60-80 – silver

Different ways to win

Winning in 80 ball bingo is often relatively simple, and it is a low-risk game, which explains its enormous appeal. However, if you truly want to increase your chances of winning large, there are a few things you can do.
  • First Line Prize: To win the first line award, all players have to do is be the first to get any line. This can be horizontally, diagonally, or across their ticket/board, and they win the one-line cash prize. They provide the same in the halls, but they also play for the four-corner reward.
  • 4 Corner and Square: So, what exactly is a four-corner pattern on an 80-ball bingo ticket/board game? It simply means that the first player to complete the top and bottom red numbers in the first column, as well as the top and bottom white numbers in the last white column, is the winner. They will then have completed the four corners and will have earned the reward. A reward will also be given if you complete four middle squares. These designs are also known as one-line patterns.
  • 2 Line: Two Line differs somewhat from those on the ‘1 Line.’ Because players must finish ‘Two Lines’ to win the reward. But the patterns are the same. All players have to do to win is be the first to obtain any two lines, anywhere on their ticket/board.
  • 3 Line – When it comes to the three-line pattern, it’s essentially the same combinations as before, but three lines are required to win. To win the 3 line reward, a player must be the first to acquire three lines, diagonally, horizontally, or across their ticket/board.
  • Full House: To win the full house, a player must be the first to complete all 16 digits on the ticket/board. The only difference between this winning combination and the others is that players must cover all squares on the ticket/board to receive the cash reward! This game usually gives out the most money of any of them.

Can you win twice?

Usually, yes. But, this will vary depending on the bingo site where you are playing. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to verify the game rules of that particular provider before you start playing. Some bingo sites could give a single opportunity to win with only one pattern to complete. Others may take a more traditional approach, needing either 1 or 2 lines followed by a full house style.

History of 80 ball bingo

Bingo’s beginnings can be traced back to the 16th century. This was when an Italian lottery game called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia is usually regarded as laying the groundwork for bingo as we know it today. However, it wasn’t until the early twentieth century that a guy named Edwin S. Lowe invented the global scorecards that we all know and love. He named the game “bingo.” This is where the history of 80 ball bingo begins, although unlike other types of bingo, it did not become popular until much later.


Bingo has always been about having fun, and the fact that it is now available online hasn’t changed that. If anything, it’s opened up a whole new universe of bingo options and potential to innovate, with 80 ball bingo being a prime example. With rapid action and fantastic rewards, 80 ball bingo is a terrific game for any bingo fan, and we’re confident you’ll fall in love with it in no time.